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We are experts in guiding and building extremely effective digital products and services — things like websites, web apps, mobile apps and internal tools.

Experience with the likes of Macmillan, Channel 5 and M&S helps us give entrepreneurs and startups an unfair advantage – and vica versa.

Our partners love us because they get amazing results more quickly & cost-effectively than ever before. Here are some of the things we've worked on:


Parachute is a team of smart, passionate people who love to get inside your business and bring your ideas to life. All of us have built apps, products and businesses before, for ourselves and others, so we know where you are right now. We get excited about figuring out the next step, and then walking the walk.

Having spent over 10 combined years at the top levels of six-figure engagements, founders Dan & Richard tired of seeing a pattern in agencies and consultancies: big, sales-driven digital projects getting boxes ticked, but rarely delivering outstanding results. We decided to do it differently.

Our engagements are focussed around understanding your most important metrics right now, and then establishing methods to affect them. We do this the Parachute way:

  1. Start with why

    Instead of asking what you want, we're interested in why you want it. Understanding what you want to achieve, without the bias of a pre-determined solution, means we share more understanding, creativity and, ultimately, chance of success.

  2. Challenge assumptions

    From experience, most digital projects are tripped up by early assumptions that are wrong, or not shared. So, we declare them up front. By understanding assumptions, we can understand risks. And when we understand risks, we can actively mitigate them from day one, so that your project has the best chance of being delivered to the highest standard.

  3. Learn by doing

    Traditional digital project management tries to predict the future by planning everything up front. This rarely works. Instead, we plan small steps (one or two at a time), and use what we learn to make informed decisions about the next step. No pretending we know what will happen, and you get to see real value delivered much, much earlier.

  4. Do less, get more

    Conventional wisdom says that more features means more chance of success, but usually the opposite is true — just a few things will deliver most of the value. Our methods ensure we discover, and spend time on, the things that will give you the greatest ROI. This often results in lower budgets and shorter timescales, yet delivering far more than the expected value.

  5. Optimise, optimise, optimise

    A project doesn't end when it goes live. In fact, that's where the hard (and most interesting) work really begins. Insights about users, behavioural patterns, data and metrics teach us even more about how the product is working. And knowing this, we can improve it. When opportunities are made visible, relatively small changes can result in huge improvements.

  6. Shared Goals

    When we partner on a project, we share responsibility for achieving goals. Delivering on time and on budget is a sound ambition, and one we take seriously — but delivering the wrong thing is a fairly disappointing outcome. By combining your domain knowledge with our product and technical experience, we can achieve so much more together.


product development

We're highly experienced in designing, building, deploying and supporting cloud-based software for the web, mobile and enterprise. We don't get distracted by this week's shiny new tech and buzzwords... instead, our approach leverages lots of user & market research to inform thoughtful design and proven, stable technology choices — with just a sprinkling of whizz-bang where it's truly appropriate.

That's why our work is cost-effective, low-maintenance and perfectly tailored to your business goals.

startup partnership

Finding the right team to get the results you need cost-effectively can be tricky. The typical options are a capable but expensive agency, or hiring contractors who are smart but require a lot of time investment.

We offer early-stage companies an alternative by using our business experience to quickly understand your goals, find product/market fit, and then take care of execution. Partnering with us frees you from the technology rabbit hole and lets you focus on growing your core business.

labs as a service

As organisations get bigger, they tend to get better and more efficient at their core business, but this presents a new problem — innovation and experimentation can become difficult within a structure that's highly optimised for business as usual.

Parachute can work with you as an in-house startup to keep you ahead of the competition. We can bring a team to you, or embed ourselves in yours; collaborating and teaching modern methods, to uncover new opportunities in a fast, low risk way.


Our experience building eCommerce platforms positions us perfectly to help you navigate the maze of build vs buy, conversion optimisation, integration, customer experience and much more.

We're not coy in recommending an off-the-shelf package when it's the right choice, nor afraid to roll up our sleeves when a bespoke system will give you a real competitive edge. With real-world experience at every level of scale, we can help you sell more items and make more profits.

agile & lean coaching

Agile and lean methodologies promise to unlock productivity, responsiveness and business opportunities — but the uncomfortable truth is that most people are doing it wrong, including many 'expert' consultants.

Whether you're new to the techniques and want to make sure you get the most from them, or an existing implementation isn't working the way it should, we can help. We've led transformations for £10bn companies through to setting up lightweight methods for startups to maximise their chances of success, and we can help you too.

platform-specific services

Increase your leverage of third-party tools, using our knowledge in rapidly building high-quality products on these platforms:

  • Twilio VoIP development
  • Showpad app development
  • Shopify eCommerce development


Many years spent in the thick of it has led us to develop a set of core beliefs, inspired by the original agile manifesto. We advocate for these ideas in everything we do, because we know they lead to better results:


We don't have any sales guys, just friendly people who know their stuff and like talking shop. Whether you have a project or just need a bit of advice, let's have a chat (and a coffee if you're nearby!)

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